Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some (so-so) Pictures Of the New House

So I am not sure if anyone still checks our blog since we have not updated it in so long. If so, we now have internet and also have Vonage. I have heard good and bad things about Vonage, but mostly good- so we are going to give it a shot. Here are some pictures of what the house looks like.

But first the girls.

Anna in the Kitchen with her Steak & Shake hat.

Emily on the rug in the living room.

Our blinds and palm tree.

The Kitchen.

The Bathroom.

Here is a table by the front door. It has two plants on it. The round one was originally $25 at Lowes, but we were able to get it for $3 since it was "ugly." It just needs a little care.

Ben's room. We got new beds for free from a friend of a friend.

And here is where we need your help. What should go on this table? It is beside the plant table just as you walk in the front door to the right. So far our options are plants, nothing, knick knacks, pictures, or a table cloth that goes to the floor.

Any ideas?

Hello folks, this is AB. My original idea was to put a table skirt on this thing to add some color to the room. Something that "pops". It would also add hidden storage underneath. That idea was shot down by all the non-HGTV-watching male gendered people on the block. So go ahead- tell Brad what to put on his table. He bought it all by himself. :) And the blinds look much better in person. They are made of bamboo, so when the flash went off, it made them see-through. However, when they are down at night, you can actually see the wooden texture, and you don't see the window beneath.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

You Guessed It

If anyone has been wondering why we have disappeared from the blogosphere for a while- you guessed it- we've moved. The house is looking good, but pictures will come later. Our new house doesn't have internet or a home phone, and the cell reception isn't that great, either. Right now I am scavenging wireless off the neighbors (probably the greenhouse, although they have a secured network, so that shouldn't be possible). My signal is pretty low, so I'm not attempting to do any major communicating via the web. However, there will come a day when everything is complete, and I will once again resume the online journaling.