Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Post

Wow. I can't believe how infrequently I've been posting here. I promise I'll pick up the pace pretty soon. The problem is, I set my goals too high. I won't post unless I have time to sit down and write a thoughtful epistle- and maybe include a picture to go with it. Well, the standards are going to be lowered for a while...

Here are the latest and greatest events in our life:
Emily's follow up with the EMT went well and she is continuing on Prevacid. We still battle reflux and have to encourage her to eat. Ben is fine. His latest profound thought was "God doesn't have eyebrows." I could neither confirm nor deny this statement, but went on to explain that although God doesn't have eyebrows, or hands or feet (other parts Ben believes to be lacking) that God uses OUR hands, feet, etc. to do his work. He found this to be a satisfactory explanation. It went a lot better than our conversation on "why animals don't wear clothes", which was spawned by Ben observing a nursery rhyme character (a pig) in a book wearing a vest and no pants. We had recently had a discussion on why Ben must wear pants, so the pig was obviously violating a cardinal rule of the household. I then had to go on about how the pig in the picture was a cartoon, so he was wearing a vest, but that real pigs don't wear clothes at all. That led to all sorts of questions about the nakedness of animals, the function of fur, and some random comment about the dressed up cow mascot at Chick Fillet. Anna's exciting news is that she will be getting her wheelchair on June 8th! Technically, it will not be ours yet, but will be a "loaner". However, it will be the wheelchair that we are purchasing (the green one with light up wheels). Our equipment man is being nice and doing us a favor because they lost our insurance paperwork. It would have been months before we would have gotten it otherwise. Friday Brad and I meet with our contractor to finish up some last minute details about the house and to discuss our quote. They have already staked out the house on the lot, so we are excited to be moving (creeping) forward. Yea!

I will try to get some cute pictures up soon, and I hope to be writing a little more frequently in the near future...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Girls

Here's a little update on us girls. I actually have a free hand at the moment... I am doing fine under the circumstances. My 6 week check up is next Thursday (May 24th). I will be very glad to be cleared and approved for Mom duties again. It has been really hard not being able to pick up Ben and Anna like I used to. We need to be back to normal again. Emily had two Dr's appointments today. Her one month check up had her in the 50th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference- so she is as normal and average as you can get. The reflux still plagues us, and we have a follow up with the ENT next Monday. While at the pediatricians, we mentioned that Anna has not been sleeping well. She has always been a light sleeper (we can hear her rustling around in her room at night), but we never had a real problem because she has good sleep habits. Right before Emily arrived, we noticed her sleep quality seemed to be going downhill, and actually spoke to the Neuro about it. They weren't too concerned at the time. Now that Emily has arrived, we have realized exactly how light a sleeper she is. Dr. Smolen gave us a referral to a sleep specialist, so we made an appointment for her consultation on June 21st. Emily also had an ultrasound at 1:00 today to see if her hip sockets formed correctly. This is standard procedure now for any baby that was born breech. We will get the results from that test in a couple of days, but there aren't any problems that are readily apparent. Oh- and I ordered a baby sling that I hope Emily will like. It is called "The Peanut Shell". I am not familiar with the brand, but it looked good online. Maybe I'll get my hands back again.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I haven't posted anything recently, but I have thought about it from time to time. There have been two hindrances to the realization of that thought. 1. I only have one available arm (currently typing with one hand). 2. I don't have enough functioning brain cells to write anything informative, much less sharp and witty. This being said, I do promise to do a better job as time goes by. We have many cute pictures and amusing stories that will just have to wait. I would, however like to make a couple of grand announcements. Today I am wearing a pair of jeans. Yea. Now before all you women out there get too congratulatory, I have to clarify that these are actually maternity jeans. Still, they are one step up from the two pairs of knit pants I have been alternating for the past three weeks. The issue being that I didn't want anything too tight over my C-section incision. Stretch denim was not on the list. Item number two is that I am going to leave the house today and go get a hair cut. This would more accurately be described as a "trim", and I am only going to the Great Clips in the Harris Teeter strip mall complex that is five minutes from my house. Great accomplishment, none the less.

Oh....and we are getting our completed house plans today. But, hey, I'm wearing jeans- and that's what counts, right?