Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today's Special Guest Appearance- Brad

Well AB demanded that I do the blog today. I mean I did fold clothes, put them away, take care of the kids, give baths, and offer my opinion on things that don't matter. But apparently cleaning up vomit at 3:30 am trumps anything that I do for the next day. So she is getting ready for bed while I type. This gives me liberty to say what ever I want. (Surely she will come edit it later) I am supposed to be writing about the house but I wanted to show some of the things that we are teaching our kids around here. Vitally important things in life.

Good Hygiene

How to Blog

How to take care of the camera.

You can eat with your fingers even if you dont wash your hands as long as you are pretty sure that they are clean.

Oh yea I am supposed to talk about the house. Um... Shingles, plumbing, fireplace, framing finished. Electrical, brick, last two windows next week. Tile and cabinets ordered. Good day and enjoy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday School

I asked some of the children in the 2's and 3's class what they did or learned in Sunday School today. Here is a sample of some of their answers:

"Eat snack!"

"Jesus put dirt in the guy's eye." (Jesus healing the blind man)

"Jesus is the wipe!" (Jesus is the Light)



Did the people believe that Jesus had really healed the blind man? "Yes!" (The correct answer is "no".)

Child: "Why is the play dough brown?"
Me: "To remind us of the mud that Jesus used to heal the blind man."
Child: (while cutting away at the play dough) "Well, MINE'S a PIZZA!"

Makes me wonder if I should resign from teaching.... :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Windows, Dishes, and Floors- I mean Doors...

Ok, so there aren't any dishes involved either, but whatever. This week our house started to transform. The framers finished the framing and put Tyvek around the outside. The roofers covered the roof with tar paper. The dormer windows were cut into the roof and the little doo-flotchy that goes around the garage window was built. The framers also added a lovely arch over the front door. The windows and doors arrived, and were mostly installed when I took this picture. Next week they should finish the doors and windows, put on the shingles, and do the HVAC. Did you know you have to choose where you want your thermostat and HVAC returns? I assumed they had to go in a certain place. They guy was real particular asking me exactly where I wanted the thermostat and I'm thinking, "I don't know." Then he asked me where I was going to be hanging my pictures on the wall so it didn't get in the way. I was laughing on the inside. I mean, I do have a vague idea of where they should be, but it's not life or death if the guy puts it six inches too far to the right. I wonder what type of customers he's had in the past.... Anyway, we have an appointment to pick out our tile next Tuesday and the electrician may even come at the end of next week to discuss outlet placement with us. Lots of fun.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Raise the Roof

Here are some pictures of.....

Don't ya'll get tired of that line- ha! I'm worse than the lady at the grocery store with the 3 foot long photo sleeve in her wallet. Seriously, though. Here are some pictures of the house. Exterior, interior living area, and one of me looking up through the partially covered roof. Of course, I have to throw some of the children in there. Anna is wearing some magnetic ear rings I bought from Wal-Mart. She was asking for some ear rings like mine, so I got these, put them on for the picture, and then gave them to Karen. Magnets are a serious health threat to children because if they swallow both pieces, the magnets can attract to each other in their intestines, causing internal damage and possibly death. We had to put them on though, just for a moment. Anna enjoys her jewelry and girly stuff. Ben has on his concentrating face in this picture. He was arranging a scene with his wooden train set. Emily is laughing at me as I give her a smoochy kiss. If you wonder why I don't put the text with the pictures, it is because I always mess things up when I try to get fancy over here. Maybe one day...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day

Just a quick update. Last week they put the trusses up on the house. My parents came to visit for Labor Day and I designed a diet for my dad, who found out he has high cholesterol. He's not loving it, but he is trying. Brad, Ben, Anna, and I rode on the Christian Adoption Services float in the Matthews Labor Day parade. That was really fun. I thought the kids might be afraid to sit on a moving platform with so many people staring at them. On the contrary, they really got into the waving. At one point Anna was pretending to talk on Brad's phone while waving at the crowd. She made herself look very busy and important. Later that day we (our family and my parents) got together with Ashleigh (Anna's B-mom) and her parents for a little visit. We went out to eat and they came to see our new house in progress. I should have another picture of the house soon. They are putting the plywood on the roof now. I have to run now, but maybe we'll get a better entry soon.