Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Strange Article

I don't know if this article is something to really pay attention to, or if it is just another random theory by our science community. Whether or not it is accurate, it sure is interesting- mostly because it would totally change the way science looks at the universe. You can read it for yourself and slog through all the yadda yadda on your own (which I would encourage), but the summary is this: The earth may actually be special. Apparently, the theory states that the earth may be surrounded by a cosmic bubble that is less dense in matter than the rest of the universe. This would mean that the universe may not be rappidly expanding as previously thought, and that other objects in space are not as far away from us as they appear. Things outside this bubble would appear farther away because of the presence of more matter between us and them. Things inside our cosmic bubble would appear closer. We measure how far away something is by how dim the light is that it gives off. Our perception of time and space may be completely warped by the presence of more matter between us and the object. Interesting, to say the least.,2933,430943,00.html

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