Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello. Do you like my hat?

My title is best explained to those who are familiar with the book, Go Dog, Go.  Periodically, two dogs appear in the story and have a dialogue about a hat.  It is kind of random and arbitrary.  That is how my posting has been recently.

So.  Now I am resolving to post something or other every Friday.  I will try to make it different than what you might find on facebook, to make sure I don't bore you.  And I will include pictures, because that's what grandparents want to see anyway.

Last weekend, we spent time in Washington, NC, with my family.  Emily had an early birthday party, since we will not be seeing Granny and Pa-pa in April.

While there, Ben acquired some banana trees for planting- which we are using as part of our home school experience.  He is charge of their care, and we will be measuring and recording their growth.  Ben also has his first loose tooth.

Anna is having orthopedic surgery at 8am on March 30th.  They will be removing the cuboid and tailus bones from her feet, to help flatten them out.  They are also cutting through her tibia, rotating her feet out, and putting them back together with plates.  We will be in the hospital for several days, and she will be in casts for quite a while.

Caleb is just doing his own thing.  Running to catch up with his siblings, cutting more teeth, learning new words, etc.  He is very. very. busy.


Granny said...

Yay! A new post - with PICTURES! Thanks for the update! =D I can never hear enough news about my babies!

The Hines Family said...

A new post EVERY Friday?!?! WOO-HOOO! The grandparents (and Melissa!) will be very happy!