Friday, April 2, 2010

Lots of Milestones

Over the past week, we've had lots of milestones.  Ben played his first t-ball game last Saturday.  His team name is The Green Hornets.  Ben is playing with our church league- Idlewild Baptist.  Monday night, while eating ice cream (ok, it was actually just chocolate sorbet), his tooth fell out.  Yes.  In ice cream.  Brad said he must have bitten the gluten free cone.

Anna had a visit from the Stufflebeams on Sunday afternoon.  Tuesday, she went into the hospital for orthopedic surgery.  Dr. Frick removed two bones from each foot, then cut through her tibias, rotated the feet out straight, and put them back together with plates.  In two weeks we'll x-ray to see if she is healing properly.  We were at Levine's until Wednesday evening.  Anna insisted she was well enough to come home, so we let her.  Are you surprised that the casts are bright pink? 


The Hines Family said...

I made sure to check your blog for your weekly post! :-)

T-ball is so fun! Ben looks like he's having a great time playing! And how exciting that he lost his first tooth! I can't believe he's old enough to be losing teeth! Sigh....children grow up too quickly!

I LOVE Anna and Emily's matching shirts! You'll have to save those for Molly and Rayna!

The Hines Family said...

PS Tell Anna I really like her hot pink casts! :-)

Granny said...

Yeah!! Love the T-ball action pictures - love all the pictures! I love the group shot with Ashleigh & family! What did the tooth fairy leave Ben? :) My babies are the best!